Thursday, October 15, 2009

What You've Missed Out On

Columbus Indiana is a melting pot and every year they celebrate that with a parade and lots of food (as all things should be celebrated in my humble opinion). Noah had the flu so the kids and I went it alone this time. Bonus: rain= short lines for food.
And then there's this--I bought the kids snow gloves which in turn became boxing gloves. Noah and I were snickering behind walls when the kids donned their boxing alter-ego attire (Spider boy vs. Kitty girl). Alex proclaimed, "This boxing is more fun than Wii boxing!"
Gabby got her first shiner (not from the boxing match) just in time for school pictures. She was creatively getting off our office chair when she some how got her foot caught in the arm rest, landing head first on a fold up chair.
We also bought pumpkins.


  1. Ooo, poor Gabby! At least she'll have a picture to remember it by, right?

    yay! for pumpkins and parades!

  2. Not only a shiner! - - - Gabby is getting her front teeth!! Yay! for all the fun you are having. Sorry Noah is still sick.

  3. Gotta love the fairs. Loved the boxing match! Poor Gabby, I don't think I've ever had aa black eye!

  4. I love how happy gloves and mittens make children!