Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oliver Rejects Safety

Unless my memory isn't serving me right, Oliver is my most destructive child. This week, he has managed to break something every day. Today, he ripped apart a piece of foam covering a sharp corner--with his bare teeth.By the way I am still nursing this boy for reasons I can't explain. I know exactly how that piece of foam feels.
It's just so hard to get mad at a face this cute:
And in a totally unrelated note, our house in under attack by lady bugs.
Gabby thinks it's the greatest thing EVER!


  1. Lady bugs are so cute--and way better than cockroaches.
    Is there just a bit of red in Oliver's hair?
    And you're still nursing him???? I am stunned.

  2. Lady bugs are great! You know that people buy them don't you? They eat the aphids and other bad bugs.

    I can't believe how big Oliver is getting. How old is he anyway? They grow up too fast!

  3. Lady bugs are awesome! Sorry about Gabby's shinner -although she is still so cute. And sorry Noah is sick, but not sick enough to clean a basement filled with water. Glad I missed the sailor talk - my poor ears just couldn't take that kind of sound! ;) We miss you! Come back to visit, ok??

  4. Way to go Oliver! And you are right...how can anyone stay mad at that face?

    Have fun with the Ladybugs!

  5. I'm glad Gabby thinks the lady bugs are the best thing ever. Oliver sounds like a hoot. I'm sad we live SOOOOO far away and are not able to get to know him as well. How is the house decorating going? I'm sure you're doing fabulous things!

    Question: I'm making the Creme Brule French toast for a baby shower, are there any tips I should know about making them?

  6. I love the title of this post. Maybe he will settle down a bit once the novelty of walking has worn off??

    Ladybugs are everywhere here too. What makes them come and go, I have no idea, but I think they are annoying. Plus, I get nervous b/c there is an orangey ladybug looking bug, but it is not a ladybug but rather a beetle that bites. Maybe add more spiders to your house to bring down the ladybug popoulation?

  7. Oh and FYI they are NOT dung beetles. (Despite what you might have heard the other night). They are called Lady Asian Beetles. So I think lady bugs fits just fine.

  8. Looks like Ollie may have a touch of red in his hair. What a handsome kid! ;)

  9. I have no idea what color Ollie's hair is. Some times I'll be convinced he's strawberry, but then I'll put him in different lighting and he's a pure toe head.