Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Birthday Wishes

Yesterday I turned 29. I got everything I wanted which is what birthdays are really about anyway.
I got to have Alex's preschool friends [and moms] come over for Thanksgiving lunch.
Ollie happily ate more in one sitting than I have ever seen him eat before
My big gift: Noah gave me the funds and manly help to finish Gabby's room, after a considerable amount of asking if that's really what I wanted. Yes, it was EXACTLY what I wanted. One room down, ten to go!

side note: If you're wondering why Ollie is vacuuming, we've decided that he should start earning his keep, so have put him to work.
But perhaps the highlight of my day was the program Gabby wrote and directed. Noah and Alex each had parts.

Okay I swore I would never make fun of how my kids spell things because I felt constantly scrutinized for my terrible phonetic spelling as a child. That said, please take note of how Gabby spelled "daddy's" (above) This was the picture revealed when Noah followed Gabby's directions and turned the page over for me to see.

When I told Noah this was one of the best birthdays of my life, he didn't believe me. But quite honestly it was. I have everything I've ever wanted and more.


  1. Happy Birthday Kaila! I LOVE how Gabby's room turned out. Love the curtains and the curtain rods! Everything looks straight out of a pottery barn catalog ;) I am so happy you got exactly what you wanted. Your home is going to be a dream home when you are finished! You so rock!

  2. Happy Birthday! That's a good idea, by the way, asking for a decorating budget for your birthday!