Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Christmas '09 Preview

In my extended family, one of the Christmas traditions is for the kids to make gifts for their siblings (sometimes saves money and it's more meaningful). Last year Gabby made Alex a Superman cape.

Here's the plan for this year's DIY kids Christmas gifts.

Alex is going to help make Gabby a fabric covered pin board (similar to the one we found at the Utah Parade of Homes pictured below). I figure it will be relatively simple, inexpensive, and Alex will have a ball using the stable gun [with supervision].

I have high hopes for Gabby's gift this year. She's going to help make a hanging tent (like this one) for Alex.
Oliver is opting out this year for obvious reasons.

Does your family have this same tradition? If so, what will your kids be making this year?

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  1. That's a cute tradition. In my family, all of the kids get to take a trip with Grandpa to the dollar store, and they get to pick something out for each family member. Jordan has been too young so far to participate, however.