Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dam, what fun

It is snowy in Indiana. My back yard looks like an Ansel Adams photograph:
When it snows in Indiana, everything shuts down [schools included] and no one leaves their house. Sadly, I find myself adopting that same mentality, not because I'm afraid of the snow but because I'm afraid of Indiana drivers driving in the snow. Luckily we live about two blocks away from a dam that turns out to be the perfect sledding hill, so we don't feel completely boxed in.

Three days of school cancellation also allowed Gabby to finish the valentines for her class. They turned out exceptionally cute I think (they're made out of miniature match boxes and filled with pink M&Ms--idea from Inchmark). I'm sure all the mothers of Gabby's classmates who sent store bought valentines will totally feel inadequate upon seeing these, and that's really what homemade valentines are all about.
disclaimer: Alex is giving out store bought valentines because the boy doesn't have a crafty bone in his body, much to Noah's satisfaction.
As for our Valentines plans, Noah and I are taking a romantic overnight getaway to the exotic Louisville, Kentucky. Our kids will be with us which will make the stay all the more enchanting.


  1. Awe, nothing says romantic like a get away with the kids! You know there is still time to book tickets to Cozumel. :-)

    You are SO one of "those" moms!! Cute, cute, Valentine's though! I was one of the other types of moms that is perfectly fine with the store bought Barbie ones and even, gasp, the Barbie tattoos.

    Did Gabby have a "special" Valentine that we should know about?

    Oh and the sledding looks AWESOME!

  2. You've probably gotten used to making other moms feel inadequate, Kaila, it's kind of your specialty ;) That's ok, you're so darn funny and fabulous you make up for the inadequacy factor ten-fold.

    As for the sledding, so fun! Spencer is drooling, I'm sure.