Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Hearts

Valentines day in our house means flowers delivered to Gabby's school:And a romantic overnighter. . .to Louisville, Kentucky where we celebrated Noah's German ancestry at the annual German Dinner. The kids got to have a sleep over with their cousins and Noah and I got to have a sleep over...with Oliver. Can you say Romantic? Seriously though we had a blast. Germans know how to party.

Sunday (Valentines Day) was reserved for a special Valentine's dinner of...leftovers from the German gathering. To make the day extra special (and make up for the leftovers) I made a very cute garland out of felt.

Following dinner, Noah and I put the kids to bed early so we could...do taxes together. Might not sound like romance in the making, but if you could only see how we look into each others eyes with the soft glow of the computer screen reflecting our tax return, you too would feel the love.

Oh, did I mention that Noah got his Masters Degree diploma from UW? Even Nature celebrated Valentines day by giving Indiana a good snow dumping. Schools are shut down and Gabby gets to make up another two days (and counting) of school in the summer. Happy heart day everyone!


  1. Sorry we missed the German Dinner! It would've been loads of fun! Hopefully we can make the 8 hr trip next year.

    As for v-day...the mini-roses are such a cute idea. Not to mention just HOW romantic tax returns can be!

    ps-I adore your dining set!

  2. You are a spectacular mom. And how cool that Noah now has PROOF that he's brilliant! YEA!

  3. Congrats, Noah! I love the little heart decorations. How did the homemade valentines go down? Did the other store-bought mothers feel properly ashamed? I can only hope :)

  4. We missed you guys at the Utah German Dinner. Glad you were able to keep up the tradition though!