Tuesday, March 2, 2010

El Gato

Yesterday Oliver was desperate to get my attention while I sat at the computer blog stocking and facebooking. He kept tugging on my leg until finally I relented and followed him to the back door where the neighbor's cat stood on the other side. So, I let the boy outside (that's right child services, there's snow on the ground and the boy's not in a coat). Oliver was delighted and the cat was surprisingly attentive to the boy.
But then...tragedy...I got cold and took Oliver inside.
Of course I couldn't bare to see my child crying at the door for long.

So we let the cat inside and I went back to the computer.


  1. Did Noah ever tell you about our cat Ralph? And how we were stuck with Ralph for YEARS after showing him some attention?

    Good luck with El Gato.

  2. Oh that face! I loathe cats but even I might have caved and let El Gato in!