Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Robot Attack

Last night Noah and I got the kids together to talk about what to do in case of an emergency (i.e. earthquake, fire or tornado). We went through the various scenarios of what to do and asked if the kids had any questions. Alex spoke up.

"What happens if robots come?"

Noah responded with, "if they come, give them anything they want and run."

Maybe we should look into getting Old Glory Insurance:


  1. That's good advice. And sage wisdom on Alex's part to ask about it.

  2. Bruce and I just had a laugh fest. Thank you!!

  3. Ha ha! That is funny. Alex and SNL.

    So I totally suck, I wanted to call Noah earlier today but I knew he was at work or sleeping if he is still working nights? Anyways it is still his birthday here but I know you're probably all sleeping. So sorry, I'll try tomorrow.


  4. That was so hilarious. Has Alex seen that skit before he said that? He cracks me up, kids are hilarious. How did Gabby do, is she now afraid of earthquakes along with tornados?

  5. Alex had not (and still hasn't) seen the SNL skit. As for Gabby, she's a planner so talking about what to do to keep safe was right up her alley.

  6. phew! Between Old Glory and Noah's advice, I can now sleep at night, knowing I'm safe from the robots.