Sunday, September 5, 2010

Catching Up

Hi, this is Noah. Kaila hasn't blogged much recently. I told her I wanter her to post something about my trip to the dunes with my new 4-wheeler:
It's a Yamaha YFZ-450 with all the add-on's available, for those who care. It was definitely the loudest machine at the dunes. We went to the dunes on two separate days. Once with my dad and my brother. The other day we took Kaila's brother and sister. We didn't get very many pictures (because we were busy riding!).

Below is a picture of my dad, he's 60-something, but it doesn't show. I wish I had a picture of him jumping it. He had a great time but he said he wished I had a motorcross bike instead.

The picture below is my brother jumping. We were hitting jumps in 5th gear. He jumped 45 linear feet (not sure on vertical), I jumped about 40'. Not bad for the first day out. I took all of the good jump pictures, so obviously I wasn't the one jumping. Here is a picture I took:

Here is a typical picture they took of me jumping:
(That's my wheel in the top left corner)
Kaila's brother had never been on a 4-wheeler before our trip. I was really nervous because this definitely isn't the type of 4-wheeler to learn on. Anyway, we started him out slow in some wide open areas and by the end of the day he was jumping around 15' (linear). At the very end of the day I told him he could take it out for one last ride. He was gone for almost an hour.
I'll try to get Kaila to start blogging regularly.


  1. Poor Noah, are you missing your 4-wheeler? Who is the picture of on the first jump? Is that you? Looks like you all had a great time! Oh I did love the picture of your jump where it is nothing but sand and a sliver of your tire.

  2. I'll have to show this post to Spence, I'm darn sure he'll be jealous.

    Thank heavens for husbands who keep things afloat ;)

  3. That really is a fun machine! I need to take it out again before it finally makes it home to Indiana.