Monday, April 11, 2011

Holier than you

Last weekend, we celebrated Holi (The Festival of Colors).
we were clearly the palest people at the celebration and no doubt everyone was wondering what we were doing there (Holi apparently isn't that big with the Caucasians in Columbus, Indiana), nevertheless, we threw colored powder and water with the best of them.
After getting a mouthful of powder, Gabby informed us that it doesn't taste all that great.
And look, Noah, Oliver, and the back of my head even made it on the Indian Association of Columbus's website!
Hope your holi was as awesome as ours!

What? You didn't celebrate? Tisk tisk.


  1. Looks like you had fun. A couple weekends ago we drove past the temple in SF while the festival here was going on. Max was very intrigued but was also very adamant that if he went he WOULD NOT get colors on him.

  2. You're all over in the media it seems. You guys must either
    1) lead uber-exiting lives or
    2) be extremely photogenic

    Either way, it looks like a lot of fun.

  3. Oh, man. We were in KY that weekend, or we would have totally joined the festivities. Though, I should say, I may have left KY for the holi, if they happened to be throwing chicken tikka masala everywhere. That is some good stuff. Oh, and that is an awesome picture of Gabby, and I love the picture of you - I say profile pic worthy.

  4. Gabby was not pleased with the picture I posted of her, I'm still trying to convince her it's funny. As for my picture, I don't like it. It was hard to post. I look old.

  5. LOVE. Aw, why doesn't she like the picture? hahah it is pretty funny. I agree with Adrea, lovely picture of you. Old? Mm, no. Yous crazy.