Friday, May 6, 2011

C'mon Dover!

I finally made it to a real, live horse race. We took the kids to Keenland over Easter weekend.
the key to having the most fun at a race is to bet $2 on a horse with 68:1 odds to win, and then watch that horse stay in second place right until the end. I can only imagine how much more exciting it would have been if my horse had actually won.
We taught the kids all about gambling and how if you pick the right horse, it can really pay big--for instance, on a two dollar bet, we made three dollars (we let the kids have the winnings just to teach them a lesson).
The following day, we headed to our state's capital for Earthday (it's like my 5th favorite holiday).
Gabby scares me some times:
The kids got FREE pedometers (those are the best kind).
But the highlight of the whole weekend was when Oliver's name was pulled in a drawing for a brand new composter (I was so proud I screamed when they read his name):
I think he was more excited about it before we started filling it with garbage:
Gabby didn't win a composter:
The next day was Easter and we were all so burned out from all the fun we'd had the days before that we kind of skipped it. But don't worry, Monday was Easter take II, and we made sure to observe it. P.S. Easter candy is 40% off on Monday.
The goods:
Oliver was shaking, he was so excited when he figured out that there was real candy in every single egg (in case you haven't heard, I've rid our home of all sugar). And yes, that is a Halloween ghost bag Oliver is carrying.
Easter take 1 had its challenges:
We got one good shot though:


  1. Kaila, you are funny. Nice composter!

  2. Snickers, yum! haha when I saw that pic of gabby doing her pose I thought the same thing. Silly girl. Love the picture of Ollie next to the composter and Alex w/ the pedometer. :)