Sunday, May 15, 2011

Alex the baseball rockstar

During soccer season, Alex told me what he really wanted to do was baseball, so this spring, I signed him up. And what do you know, the boy can play!
during his last game (which, sadly, I missed because I was in Bloomington with Gabby at her piano lesson), Alex hit the ball into the grass with the first pitch and got a home run!
Noah reported that Alex grinned from ear to ear with his eyes on his dad as he ran the bases.
Alex is always the funnest kid to watch because he likes to do super hero poses on the bases:
And because my little Alex is so awesome, his coach gave him the game ball.
And then Noah took him out for ice cream to celebrate.


  1. What delightful photos!! Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Way to go, Alex! Thanks for the posts, kaila!

  3. Ha ha! That is awesome! I bet Alex was looking at his Dad the whole time to say, "Look what I can do!"

    Noah's going to beat me up for that one.