Thursday, May 26, 2011

What Matters

Yesterday, we got a little taste of the record breaking storms that have been wreaking havoc in the Midwest.

The kids and I watched weather reports and knew that a super cell (a violent storm capable of producing tornadoes) was headed right for us--like RIGHT for us.

Gabby was extremely worried about our house, particularly her room, despite my efforts in explaining that everything in the house can be replaced--except our family and a few other things like pictures (but of course, family trumps everything!). She and Alex devised a plan to take everything of theirs that was "irreplaceable" to the basement with them while we rode out the storm. Here is what they brought:

Alex brough his four "Wimpy Kid" books, a pair of sunglasses, a watch, a magnifying glass, a lanyard (in case we needed to be identified?), a top that lights up, and silly bands (not pictured).
Gabby (who also organized her items neatly) brought: her ATM, a head lamp, an eye mask (because when the power goes out, it's just not dark enough in the basement), a Harry Potter trivia game, a journal, Beatrix Potter books, Les 101 Dalmations (French edition), scriptures (that's got to give us points right?), an extra scripture case (in case the first one doesn't make it?), medals, a book she made, and a piano music box (for when our real piano goes to Oz).
This is what the storm looked like from the outside (I missed it--the kids didn't let me see it).
We made it through the storm just fine. At least one tornado touched down (about 2 miles away from our house), and two other funnel clouds were spotted. During the storm, a good part of our town lost power (we were lucky and didn't). Trees were uprooted, some fell on houses, signs fell on cars, a semi truck flipped over on the freeway and hail the size of golf balls fell. A few people were injured, but fortunately there were no fatalities.

And thanks to Alex, if our house had been taken away, we'd still be able to light leaves on fire with that magnifying glass!


  1. Wow, I am glad the magnifying glass is in good order! I am surprised Gabby didn't throw in some Harry Potter books. But it looks like the kids definitely have their priorities straight. While we were hiding in the bathroom (since we don't have an awesome basement), I made sure to have all of our silly bandz with us, even the ones that unfold into shapes that none of us can identify. Gotta love Midwest living!

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  3. Gotta love those midwest storms. Glad you all came out safe and sound!

    Love your kids and their priorities. Unfortunately our kids weren't quite so supportive of the whole hiding out in the basement thing.

  4. I was going to say something about saving the Wii...but then I remembered where it was located.