Tuesday, June 14, 2011


School is out. Gabby finished third grade, and my little Alex finished kindergarten:
to celebrate the school year coming to a close, Noah and I took the kids to a civil war reenactment. We parked the car, heard cannons firing, and made it to the fight just in time to see the troops leave the battle ground. Apparently the North won (which, we heard isn't always the case in Indiana reenactments).
After the battle, the kids got to talk to the troops (we learned that the people who do these reenactments buy all their own uniforms, tents, guns, etc. and then they travel around joining groups who share their love of the civil war).
For Noah though, the highlight of our civil war adventure was finding an aqueduct:


  1. Noah is a nerd when it comes to those things...course so am I. And that picture of Alex with his teacher is awesome!