Monday, December 5, 2011

The Halls are Decked

This year, I am really getting my holiday game on. We have lights strung along our roof line (thanks to Noah, who is awesome) and our front porch looks amazing, especially at night.

Yes, that is a Halloween door mat. We keep my favorite holiday running all. year. long.
I made wreaths:
and even garlands (never doing that again!):
the tree is up, and the train is already broken (thanks Oliver):
And the elves are hard at work in the garage building something...


  1. I love all the craftiness going on! So much fun! Also, I'm in loooove with your table and oh-so-jealous. So beautiful and roomy.

  2. Your halls look beautiful Kaila! I love the garland, it was totally worth it you have to di it every year!!!! I love the little wreaths too. You are awesome.

  3. I love the garlands, good job! It all looks so classy and festive!