Monday, December 5, 2011


During the month of November, we worked on a "thankful tree," where every night our family would write something we were grateful for on a leaf to add to our tree.

My personal favorite leaf came from Alex, who said that he was thankful for space, as in outer-space.
"I am thankful for trampolines"--Gabby
This year, I decorated our mantle (I even made the garland!):
Noah cooked the turkey in dutch ovens. He had trouble fitting one of them, so he literally had to saw the turkey in half. It was worth it though.
the spread:
friends and family (totaling 10 adults and 11 kids):
the quintessential "kids table"

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  1. Someone has been getting her pintrest on ;)

    Love the fact that Noah had to saw the turkey into bits. classic!